Welcome to Bolyai College

The College was founded by Eötvös Loránd University in 1992 to support the studies of the most talented students of natural sciences and informatics. Students of biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, informatics, mathematics and physics attend advanced level seminars in the College, supervised by leading scientists of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Informatics in order to complement the regular study programme of the University. These tutorials provide an introduction to research and prepare members of the College for a researcher's career. Activities of the College are centred on professional excellence, though it also offers training for intellectuals sensitive to social problems, as part of its mission.

The College has some 90 members, 60-65 thereof accommodated in the College building; others are so-called “external members.” There are strict rules for acceptance as a member, and, to remain a member, students have to meet certain requirements in every semester, both in academic fields and social activities. Students of the College belong to five special seminar-groups organized according to the disciplines of science: biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, mathematics and informatics, as well as physics. The special seminars are the main instruments of professional training; they take place every week with the guidance of leading professors of the University. In addition, Thursday nights are reserved for an all-college seminar, where leading intellectuals of the country talk about their science, work, life, and experiences. Among guest lecturers, not only well-known scientist but also famous writers, politicians, journalists, physicians, bishops were visiting the College; even the President of the Hungarian Parliament has honoured the students with his visit and lecture. Among other activities, the Bolyai Conference has to be mentioned, which, during its 18 years history, became one of the most important annual scientific event for Hungarian colleges for talented students.

The College is directed by a full professor of the University, while the professional activity is supervised by the organization called “Friends of Bolyai College”, consisting of some 80 professors of Eötvös Loránd University and other scientific institutions. Still, the student body has a large autonomy to organize their life according to their needs. One of the strengths of the College is the “community life” of the members which also results in useful ties for their future professional, as well as personal life.