The building of the College

The College is located in Kelenföld, the South-Buda region of the Hungarian capital in a quiet small street. Stops of the tram lines No. 1, 17, 41, 47, 56 and bus lines 103 and 114 are only a few minutes of walking distance. Both the city of Budapest and the campuses of the Science and Informatics Faculties of Eötvös University and of the Budapest Technical University can be reached within 15-20 minutes by public transport.

In the modern college building one-, two- and three-bed rooms are installed. The 4 one-bed rooms each has its own telephone, shower, refrigerator. Guest professors and distinguished visitors of the College are accomodated in these rooms. The 20 two- and 6 three-bed rooms form twin-room blocks sharing a study room in between. These rooms are also equipped with telephone. Each floor has a well-equipped kitchen with a neighbouring lunch-room, two blocks of showers and common leisure-room for the gathering of the college members and their guests.

The lecture hall of the College has 70 seats. It is equipped with modern PC-, video- connected projectors. In the building also a seminar room (with seating capacity for 25 persons) is installed next to the library. Good physical condition of the college members is assisted by a sport-room (body-building and table-tennis) and in the garden by a sport-court (hand-ball and basket-ball facilities). On the ground floor of the building a nice cafeteria-restaurant invites the inhabitants and their guests.

Guest rooms and vacant rooms during the semester are offered to the Departments of Eötvös University to accomodate their visitors, both scientists and exchange students. In the summer period Bolyai College regularly hosts scientific workshops and also offers good-quality, inexpensive accommodation for participants of scientific conferences organised in Budapest.