ELTE Bolyai Kollégium
H-1117 Budapest, Nándorfejérvári út 13.

Contact information

Telephone:(+36 1) 381-2378
Secretary:(+36 1) 381-2376
Fax:(+36 1) 203-8250

How to reach the College

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  • From airport:
    From the Airport most people use the Airport Minibus Service which delivers you at the doors of the College (and picks up passengers to the airport). Public transport is somewhat complicated but definitely less expensive. You take bus No. 200E at the Airport, change at its terminal station (Kőbánya-Kispest) the Metro-line No. 3. At Népliget change to bus No. 103 which you leave at its stop Nándorfejévári street. This way the trip might take 70 minutes.
  • By car:
    Arriving from the Pest side coming from the direction of Rákóczi-bridge continue along the Szerémi street turn to the right at the traffic light of Hengermalom street. At the first crossing on your right Nándorfejérvári street starts.
    Arriving from the Kelenföld Railways Station (all international trains stop there) follow the Etele street which is renamed into Hengermalom street after crossing Fehérvári street. Nándorfejérvári street is the second cross-street, where one has to turn left.
    Arriving from the city centre along the Fehérvári street turn to the left at the traffic light of Etele street/Hengermalom street. Nándorfejérvári street is the second cross-street, where one has to turn left.
  • By public transport:
    The tram stops (Nos. 17, 41, 47, 56) are at a few minutes walking distance from the College at the crossing of the Fehérvári and Etele/Hengermalom streets. The trams take you to the Bocskai street (Újbuda központ, terminal station of tram line No. 4) or the Móricz Zsigmond square (change to several tram (6, 49, 61) and bus (7) lines). Tram No. 47 takes you directly to the City (Deák square), No. 17 and No. 56 to the centre of Buda: the Széll Kálmán square, No. 41 to the Danube bank opposite to the Parliament building (Batthyány square).
    The campus of the neighbouring Eötvös University and Budapest Technical University can be reached at the Petőfi-bridge by taking tram line No. 4, or from the south using tram No. 1 (it stops just at the crossing of Nándorfejérvári and Hengermalom streets). Tram No. 1 crosses to the Pest side over the Rákóczi bridge providing quick access to the new Culture District of Budapest (National Theatre, Museum of Modern Arts and National Concert Hall) on the Danube bank.