Quantum Fields on Lattice


16-19th October 2006

Lecture Series by Prof. Zoltán Fodor (Budapest, Wuppertal) followed by a One Day Topical Workshop

Organized jointly by Particle Physics Program of Eötvös Doctoral School in Physics and Bolyai College of Eötvös University

Overview of the subjects to be covered in the lecture series

  • Path integral formulation of quantum field theories, perturbative and non-perturbative approaches
  • Lattice regularization, the continuum limit
  • Scalar fields on lattice (renormalization, triviality, upper bound on the Higgs-mass)
  • Gauge theories on lattice (Wilson-action, improvement programs)
  • Fermions on lattice
  • Hadron spectroscopy (the role of the quenched approximation, unquenched results)
  • Thermodynamical transitions of quantum field theories (equation of state, finite size scaling)
  • Ground state of QCD with non-zero baryonic charge density

Slides of the lectures

The Course and Workshop will be held in Bolyai College (H-1117, Budapest, Nándorfejérvári út 13). Information on the location can be found on the english pages of the web site of Bolyai College.

András Patkós (Bolyai College)
Ferenc Csikor (Institute of Physics)